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  1. I’m saving to buy a car, because I want to have fun in my town and bus/subway do not reach all the fun places.
  2. This will sound silly, but World of Warcraft is a part of my life. I play it, watch it and read it, and I have learned important lessons from it. This game was one of the things that helped me come back from rock bottom.
  3. I have a blog about asexuality, feminism, media, capitalism, politics and all those things my mom didn’t want me to think about.
  4. I never wanted to have kids until recently, and I can’t conceive them.
  5. I am afraid to cut my hair too short and look lime my mom.

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Brazilian police is trying so hard to frame the people that fight for justice that they incriminated Mikhail Bakunin

the philosopher


lol: lots of lesbians

rotfl: really open to friendly lesbians

lmao: lesbians make awesome omelettes

omg: oh my girls

ily: i love yuri

wtf: where’s the females

fyi: females… yes… interesting…

my relationship with once upon a time is complicated

I never though I would be able to watch it but now I guess Rumplestiltskin took my soul in exchange for the Netflix charge